‘Where lies the significance of craftsmanship in a digital society?’ or ‘What is the meaning of the human relation to a material and its processing?’ are questions that guide my approach.

  • Bio
    • Philipp Weber (born 1987 in Münster, Germany) graduated B.A. from the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. In 2016, he received an M.A. from the UDK in Berlin. Shortly after, in 2018, he received the German Design Award for Newcomers. In his work, Weber seeks to rethink ­human qualities within production processes.

      He believes that in an increasingly digitalized world the comprehension and appreciation for original production processes are getting lost. In search of hidden values which have the potential to reveal themselves in a new and relevant meaning, he poses new prospects on craftsmanship or production processes and their importance for our societies.