0I Table

The ‚0I Table‘ is based on an in-depth investigation of the manual process of creating mouth blown sheet glass. In order to produce such a sheet a large cylinder is created, which is then cut and ironed down to become a flat piece of glass. ⁠

0I Table unites these two production phases – cylinder and sheet, in one object.⁠

The design is a simple rectilinear piece of glass but is symbolic of the compounded pro-
cedures of its fabrication. The production of these elements requires ten crafts people. Each individual plays a vital role in the overall process and enacts their own choreography: the movement of the physical labour. Ultimately, the table reveals that even the simplest objects embody more than meets the eye; that there is more complexity involved in the fabrication of mundane items than our rapidly digitised culture would lead us to believe. The main focus of this work is to elevate the relevance of craft. In a time when 1’s and 0’s are becoming the new universal language, 0I Table embodies the subconscious and implicit knowledge that artisans have of manual processes and the cultural value these methodologies carry.