A Strange Symphony Live

A good glassblower has the ability to react to the liquidity of hot glass. He knows how to move in order to balance the semifluid material. To prevent the glass from dropping onto the floor he keeps a steady rotation on his pipe. In some way each piece he creates has its own rhythm, its own musicality.

This inspired Philipp Weber to find out how music can influence glassblowing. What does it sound like when a musician is asked to step into a dialogue with a glassblower? On September 25, 2015 A Strange Symphony was performed live at the Nationaal Glasmuseum in Leerdam, in the Netherlands. Famous Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger – who has also produced various movie soundtracks for the renowned director Werner Herzog – was invited to improvise with glassblowers Christophe Genard and Emil Kovac. In front of an audience of over one hundred people Reijseger’s music revealed the rhythm and the drama that is connected to the craft of blowing glass.

Reminiscent of this dialogue between the arts is a series of objects, that have been created during the performance and the rehearsals, as well as acoustic and visual documentation.


Organisation: Nationaal Glasmuseum
Glassblowing: Christophe Genard, Emil Kovac
Cello: Ernst Reijseger
Filmmaking: Conor Trawinski, Martin Mostert
Direction: Philipp Weber

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